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Take Control of Your Online Bookings – Keep the Sharks at Bay

Are you fed up with paying a large portion of your income from online bookings to third-party sites? If you have a rental business, WP Booking System is the sort of lightweight plugin that enables you to manage your online bookings yourself, fast and easy.

Happy Woman - Christmas

5 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays

Preparing ahead for the holidays this year can feel a little more stressful due to the unprecedented times. For this reason, it’s important more than ever to take the time for family and enjoy the simpler things in life. Read on to discover some helpful tips and ideas that can make your holiday an enjoyable and relaxing occasion.

Decorative Houseboat - Tiny Houses

How to Buy a Tiny House

You’ve probably read news stories about tiny homes – the miniscule, 150-square-feet houses (a few hundred square feet at most) that promise a simple lifestyle and affordable living. If the promise of drastically reduced utility bills and the forced simplicity (no room for clutter) appeal to you, here’s how to purchase a tiny house or build your own.

How to make a camp fire.

How to Build a Safe Campfire

While campfires can be a nice way to end a day of camping outdoors, they can also be dangerous to both people and the environment. A few safety measures are all that is needed. This article includes tips on making a fire pit, what to burn, how to burn it, and extinguishing the fire at the end of the night.

Other types of glamping accommodation -

Types of Glamping Accommodation

Glamping has gone mainstream and is a fantastic option for a short break, a family holiday, or just an escape away from your hectic lifestyle. Once you have decided to go Glamping there comes the double-dilemma of where to go, and what to stay in. Read on to discover the multitude of Glamping accommodation options.

Yurt Frame Under Construction

What is a Yurt?

The big question. What is a yurt. How to unpick this? Times have changed. Things have moved on. Is a yurt still a yurt? Find out more.

Yurt Interior Picture

What else can Yurts be used for?

Why would you want a yurt? What use are they? There is a very long list sitting here and I surely cannot add them all to this blog post. But I certainly will try. Yurts can be used for….

Erecting a yurt - watch video

Erecting a Yurt – Watch

Watch a video of a yurt being erected by a happy bunch of lads. Nice music accompanies the build process, too.

Glamping in Ireland.

What is Glamping?

Glamping. It is one of those words that has been around for a while but you may not be sure what it means. It is best described a comfort inspired form of camping. And it is increasing in popularity.

Happy Glampers at a Glamping Pod.

Alternative Camping Holidays

The thought of a camping holiday can call up images of sitting in a rain-drenched field, worrying if the tent will stay up and wondering how to keep the kids occupied for the afternoon. While this is a common view of a holiday under canvas, it is also far from the reality of what a camping trip can involve. This article discusses three alternative types of camping holidays that may tempt readers into the great outdoors.

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