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What else can Yurts be used for?


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Why would you want a yurt? What use are they? There is a very long list sitting here and I surely cannot add them all to this blog post. But I certainly will try. Yurts can be used for....


Using a yurt for glamping accommodation is the perfect use for it. Earning a few extra bucks is never a bad thing, and a yurt sits well in any landscape. Yurts are very popular and continue to attract couples, families and groups alike. 


From an Art Studio to a Yoga Studio to a Jewellery-Making Studio the scope for Studio usage is very broad. Yurts make fantastic studio spaces and can be adapted to suit your needs. Need a Music Studio? A Meditation Studio? The Yurt is your man (or woman). Find a Yurt Maker to fulfill your yurty desires.

Exhibition Space

If you are looking for a unique space for your next Art Exhibition, or Crafts Exhibition, then consider a yurt. The inner walls make a perfect backdrop for hanging objects on, like paintings, sketches, photos, necklaces, hats, scarves and more. Once the inside is filled to the brim you can then start adding your exhibition stock to the exterior walls. Space aplenty. There are specialist yurt builders that can create a bespoke exhibition yurt for your next, and I am surely sure, hugely successful exhibition.

Shop Space

You can make a wonderful store from a Yurt. Get your floor size sorted then order the perfect yurt for your market stall, or your coffee bar, your clothing shop and the list goes on. A yurt will protect you and your customers from the sunshine, the rain and the wind too. A yurt for a shop can be quite an attraction for potential customers. You could decorate the cover with your branding, or something else which may be attractive to the eye.

Private Dining

Does your cafe or restaurant need more space, or just something new, unique and attractive to draw new business/ How about private dining yurts. This is a concept that is being used right now. It is a great use for yurts. If you have the outdoor space, indoor too, then setting up yurts for private dining parties is a winner all the way.

Banquet Room

Have you a business that puts on mighty feasts for large groups. Yurts make great rooms for feeding and watering a crowd. You can add plenty of decorations, and trimmings to enhance the atmosphere on the interior, and the exterior as well. The banquet yurt will sit as well in a field as it would in a car park at a golf club. A mighty idea. Find the perfect yurt maker and get your banquet room sorted.


Just like Glamping only without the luxuries. A stretcher bed or 10 will be all that is needed to keep campers happy. Sleeping bags galore all on the yurt floor but no-one can sleep cos’of the fat man’s snores. So they chuck him out the door……invite him camping no more. Camping in a yurt is a fun idea. Yurts are so very versatile.

Weddings & Parties

A triple whammy for the yurt this time. Not only will yurts be useful for a dance room, and a feasting room, and a sleeping room but also a cooking room, and a storage room. Your wedding is covered with all of the options that yurts offer. There are specialised yurt-hire companies that will set up a yurt village for your guests to enjoy for an extended party. Excellent. Party on.


Music festivals have embraced the yurt. You cannot avoid seeing them standing erect and proud in the thronged grasslands of festivals. Within the madding crowds are the lucky ones that have secured a yurt for themselves, while others just dream about what lies within the canvas walls. Yurts of all colours in rows, and not. Like yurts for weddings there are specialist companies supplying the yurts for festivals.


Living in a yurt is very niche, but popular too. All around the world there are people with different needs, ideas and aspirations that end up choosing a yurt as their home. Yurts can be adapted to suit all climates and terrains. Whether you live alone or with your spouse and 7 children you will be able to find and/or adapt a yurt to suit your needs. On grid or off grid, yurts work well. There will always be some challenges but the longer you have walked this earth the more you realise that this is how it is. Living in a yurt is a great option, fun and especially unique.

Class Room

What child, or adult for that matter would not be hop skipping and jumping to get into a yurt for the next lesson. Perfect for teaching at adventure camps, or outdoor pursuits centres, and even at mainstream schools. Plonk the yurt out in the open air and use it as a treat. It is a great idea. Get it in your school colours and really make it stand out. Find a yurt builder, make the next school jealous, and start a trend.

And there is more....

There are plenty more uses for yurts but I will just leave this here for now. If you have any great uses that I have missed, please let us know, in the comments section, below.

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