Camping is great fun.

Take a Camping Vacation This Year


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Camping is a great way to spend a vacation. It's an opportunity to leave the stresses of everyday life and job behind for a brief time. Getting out in nature is refreshing and a great way to teach children about wildlife, trees, plants, rivers and lakes. This article explains the different types of camping adventures.
Some people choose a theme park for their vacation, and others choose a cruise. There are so many options for vacations that making a decision that everyone agrees with is difficult. There is one type of vacation that can’t be beat when you compare the cost to value, and that is camping. It doesn’t matter whether you go backpacking, camp in tents, or travel in a recreational vehicle (RV), it’s the vacation that provides the greatest value.

The Reasons Camping is a Great Value

Choosing a vacation that provides the most fun and excitement for the whole family can be a challenge unless you pick camping. No matter the ages of your children, they will experience wonderful adventures while camping. 

Some of the benefits are:
• Unplugging from technology
• No television or computers
• Fresh air
• Trees, rivers, streams, hills, mountains
• Cooking over an open fire
• Relaxation and leaving stress behind
• Learning about nature
• Seeing wildlife in their natural habitat
• Swimming in beautiful lakes
• Kayaking or canoeing in rivers
• Fishing
• Sitting and singing around a campfire
• Making and eating s’mores
• Forgetting about your job for a few days
• Being one with nature

Different Types of Camping

Depending on your age, physical fitness, equipment, time frame, and personal preference, you can choose from several types of camping options.
Tent Camping – This basic form of camping is great for families with children or anyone who enjoys getting back to nature. You can find many camping areas in state and national parks as well as at lakes. Some people prefer to just go off into a wilderness area to camp. Always remember to follow safety rules regarding food to avoid having local wildlife show up for dinner. It’s comforting to have your car parked nearby as a retreat in the event of severe weather.

Backpacking – Backpacking requires physical strength and is not suitable for the average couch potato. You will be carrying your camping supplies on your back. These supplies include your sleeping bag, clothing, food, cooking utensils, first aid supplies, and anything else you need. Sleeping is under the stars unless it rains. The Appalachian Trail is the most famous hiking trail in the world and begins at Springer Mountain in Georgia and concludes at Mt. Katahdin in Maine (approximately 2,184 miles). If you want to hike the entire distance, plan on about five months.

RV Camping – For older folks, anyone with a physical disability, and those who want to have a few comforts while enjoying the great outdoors, RV camping is the perfect solution. Some campgrounds have RVs on the premises that can be rented. You can also rent an RV to drive to your destination if you don’t own your own. For some people, vans are a suitable substitute for an RV. You have the advantage of having transportation, a storm shelter, cooking and food preservation facilities, a shower and toilet, and a certain amount of safety. You also are limited to the areas that have RV hookups and facilities.

Glamorous Camping – For folks with a camping phobia there is Glamping, a.k.a. Glamorous Camping. Anyone with a physical revulsion of the outdoors, and those whom want to have as many comforts as practicable whilst enjoying our gorgeous Mother Nature, then Glamping is the go-to solution. Some Glampsites are more luxurious than their counterparts so you will have to do a bit of investigating before jumping in. You can rent yurts, pods, cabins, and a multitude of other inventions and contraptions.

You choose the kind of camping that best suits you and your family. Enjoy nature, take photographs, go for hikes (short or lengthy), cook on a campfire, and enjoy time with family and friends away from the busy city. Camping is relatively inexpensive, and the rewards are great.


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